Floor Squares Residential Modular Carpet Tiles – Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance Floor Squares

Carpet Tiles must be vacuumed regularly and spot cleaned. With regular vacuuming, your FLOOR SQUARES FLOOR will maintain its beautiful appearance.

Ease of Care

We’ve all had it happen; a spill, a pet accident, you name it and of course it is right before the guests are coming! You’re down on your hands and knees scrubbing trying to get the spot to come out and at best you still end up with a big wet area when your guests arrive… Carpet tile to the rescue! If Corky has a little accident – no worries, pull the tile out and replace it with a spare or even one from the back of a closet. Your friends will never know the difference. After your guests leave, you can clean the spot with warm water. With the benefit of inherently stain resistant fibre, your tile should look brand new again. Replace it and keep your spare tile around for your next emergency!

Replace carpet tiles if necessary with a spare unused tile or from hidden areas like inside cupboards or under furniture.

Soak up liquids with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Scoop up or scrape off solids.

Carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly with a regular vacuum cleaner before starting to clean. This will remove large and small dirt particles and gravel/sand that has been tracked into the home, as well as loosen deep dirt from within the fibres. This will make the carpet cleaning more effective.

Treat effected stain resistant tile with warm water to restore it to its original condition. We also recommend using Grab Dry Cleaning powder or Grab Low Moisture cleaner for spotting.

Always work from the edge of the spot inwards BLOT, do NOT rub.

Rinse the carpet tiles thoroughly. You can also rinse the carpet tiles in the sink. Let the tiles dry completely. It is very important not to put damp tiles back into your carpet because this can cause mould and mildew. Simply by placing the tiles in a warm, dry place for several hours should do the trick. Replace the carpet tiles. Put them back into place by lowering them into the spots they left and push down the edges so the carpet is perfectly even.

Share the Wear – Selective Replacement and Traffic Remediation.

Carpet tiles wear over time and become less resilient in high traffic areas. Even though our product is constructed with a high twist rate and will show signs of traffic significantly less than traditional broadloom, there may come a time where you begin to see traffic lanes.

Typically this would mean that it is time to replace your carpet. With carpet tile, this is not the case. It is not time to get out the cheque book, merely the time to play Carper Tile Shuffle!

By rotating tiles in and out of the traffic lanes, your entire floor will get its full use. At this time, damaged and excessively soiled tiles can be replaced on a selective basis.